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Resso vs Apple Music: How do I switch?

Resso vs Apple Music

Are you looking for the best music streaming service? Resso vs Apple Music, both of which have distinctive features that appeal to various musical interests and preferences.

Tired of using Apple Music now thinking to switch to Resso App. You might be asking someone or finding a way to switch from Apple Music to Resso Music App in a easy way.


While there are a few differences between the two services, switching between them is actually quite easy. This is a step-by-step tutorial to help you move from Apple Music to Resso.

Step 1: Sign Up for Resso Music 

In order to start Resso Music you must have an account on the app. Installing the Resso app from the App store or Google Play Store. then signing up for an account with your email address or social media credentials, will enable you to do this.

Step 2: Export your collection of Apple Music

You must first export your Apple Music library from the app in order to import it into Resso. Open the Apple Music app on your iPhone or iPad, select the “Library” tab, and then hit the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen to accomplish this. Choose “Library Settings” and then “Export Library” from there. You can then save the resulting XML file to your computer or iCloud Drive.

Step 3: Change the XML file’s format to CSV.

However, Resso does not allow for direct Apple Music XML file import. The XML file must first be converted to CSV format. You can achieve this using a variety of internet tools, such as the “XML to CSV Converter” page.

Step 4: Add your music collection to Resso

You can import your Apple Music collection into Resso now that you have a CSV file of it. Go to “My Music” on the Resso app, then tap the “Import Library” button. Resso will start importing your music library after you choose the CSV file you just produced.

Step 5: Save your playlists 

If there are any playlists on Apple Music that you’d like to save. You may do so by exporting them as XML files. Then importing them into Resso by following the same procedure as before. As an alternative, you can manually make new versions of your playlists in Resso. Just by looking up and including certain songs or entire albums.

Step 6: Terminate your Apple Music membership.

You can terminate your Apple Music subscription once you have imported your library and playlists into Resso. Want to cancel the subscription of Apple Music App? Just open Apple Music. Press on your profile symbol in the top-right corner, choose “Subscriptions,” and then confirm your cancellation.

You should be able to easily move from Apple Music to Resso by following these instructions. Resso MOD APK offers many of the same features as Apple Music. Which includes access to a sizable music library, curated playlists, and personalised suggestions. However there may be a few minor changes in how the two services operate.

Yes, you can move your playlists from Apple Music to Resso using third-party apps like SongShift or Stamp. To make things even simpler, Resso offers a built-in playlist import feature.

Although Resso has a huge song selection, Apple Music may not contain all of the same songs or exclusive content. Resso’s emphasis on user-generated material and community, however, might provide a distinctive listening experience.

Whereas Apple Music focuses mostly on solo listening experiences, ResSo’s social features enable users to communicate with one another and share their musical preferences. ResSo enables users to produce and distribute original content, such as music and videos.

Both free and paid subscription plans are available from Resso App. While the subscription plan offers ad-free listening, unlimited skips, and more features, the free plan has advertisements and fewer features.

Resso is, in fact, available on a variety of gadgets and operating systems, including iOS, Android, and the web.

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